Hot tub

Dot writes: because our bath currently looks like this:

the boys had their evening bath today like this:

The black box is usually used for toys. Ingenious, no?

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5 responses to “Hot tub

  1. Katimum

    I’m very impressed! And not only with the tox box…….

  2. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    Whatever gets the job down!

  3. Katimum

    The big advantage of tiling is that it doesn’t need doing as often as papering – say once every thirty years if you are energetic!

    • kenanddot

      Well…we are planning to remodel the bathroom completely in a few years (knock the two tiny little compartments together and bring the wall forward to have a decent-sized space), so this tiling job should be replaced comparatively soon. But I’m hoping we will be able to pay someone else to do the tiling then.

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