First cut

Dot writes: he’s already three years old, but the haircut Frank had this morning was the first one of his entire life. Here he is with his smart new big boy hair. He’s striking a silly pose, but he still looks extremely cute, in my humble and not-at-all biased opinion.

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5 responses to “First cut

  1. ken in edinburgh

    You’re the best, Frankie!

  2. Katimum

    I have to say that my grandchildren have very expressive and well marked eyebrows!

  3. Helen Conrad-O'Briain

    He looks way too grown up.

  4. Very cute. Good on you for holding off. You saw how well OUR hair cut experience went..

    • kenanddot

      I loved your haircut post. But I do think that, short of oiling it, there’s not much you could do to Owl’s hair that would stop him looking cute.

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