Photos from Tryfan walk

Ken writes:
I thought I’d post a couple of the photos of our trip. First a view of our stoney adversary: Tryfan.
View of Tryfan from Ogwen Cottage on the shore of llyn Ogwen.
Next our huddled quarters below it.
And the awesome view of its aspect from our diminutive camp at the base.
Tryfan viewed from the campsite
But we did not flinch from our task
Heather Terrace
Almost there (on the saddle before the final push)
Crew on saddle ridge
We did it!
We knocked the bugger off
But then we had to get down again, and there was lots of scrambling to do.
Oh, but it was all worth it.

2 thoughts on “Photos from Tryfan walk

  1. kenanddot

    Dot writes: yes, it is the very tent. We got a ground sheet to put in the front section and that makes it much more spacious and lets us have an area we can sit up properly in.

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