Tryfan postscript

Dot writes:

After we blogged about our Tryfan adventure, my sister rang up to say that she has climbed Tryfan twice, under strong protest both times, with her ex. My sister has tried and likes rock-climbing, but she isn’t keen on heights or on scrambling. The first time she and the ex went up Tryfan they lost the path and found themselves ascending a steeper and steeper line until they got to the point where she was quite stuck, unable to move up or down. I don’t think they needed a helicopter rescue; they must eventually have sorted themselves out. Anyway, it was a nasty moment. When they got to the top the ex jumped from Adam to Eve no fewer than three times. Then he decided it would be fun to do the whole thing again. I’m not sure my sister has ever forgiven him…

If our companions are the Man in Black and Fezzik does that make Ken and me Inigo Montoya and Prince Humperdinck? – not that I killed his father, of course, though I did once gravely disappoint him (Ken’s dad, that is) by not wanting to eat a hot curry. My mum always liked Prince Humperdinck, while I don’t think either of us quite convince as Buttercup.

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