Hugh pictures (lots!)

Here are some scenes from the recent life of Hugh (though of course all of Hugh’s life is recent).

Pictures taken by Ben, from the 8th to 11th December. Hugh was four weeks old.
sofaHugh with daddy and Auntie Meriel on the sofa.
hand of dadThe hand of Dad.
argumentativeHugh presents his side of the case
chairThe new chair grabbed his attention at once.

Hugh on his playmat. 18th December.
dangly thingHugh inspects the dangly jingly thing.
batBat! Admittedly, it’s hard to be sure he meant to do this.

Here is Hugh at his first dinner party, with our friend Lucy and some incriminating evidence. 19th December (one day short of six weeks old).
Hugh and LucyHugh and Lucy

Hugh looks Christmassy. Knitwear by Joan Fisher. His six-weeks birthday (Thursday 20th December).
ChristmassyNo publicity, please!

Today (Saturday 22nd December) we climbed Great Sugarloaf. Last time we went to Sugarloaf Hugh had just been conceived, though we didn’t yet know it; we went up the hard way from the GAA carpark at Kilmacanogue. This time we took the cheaty route and parked on the minor road south of the summit. It’s still a decent piece of exercise for someone who can’t walk.
snackHugh readies his strength for the climb.
before SugarloafHugh and Daddy at the start of the route.
partwayPartway up. On the shoulder of the summit cone.
summit shotSummit shot.
summit with MummyHugh with Mummy at the top of Great Sugarloaf.


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