Hugh on his travels

Dot writes: I promised some pictures of our recent trip to the UK and here is a selection. Click on the thumbnails for larger versions.

We broke the journey from Holyhead to Norfolk both coming and going with a visit to our kiwi friends David and Zoe, who currently live and work in Keele. Here they are trying a baby for size.
David Zoe Hugh

Dot’s school friend Chloe had her baby, Theo, a month before Hugh was born. Here are Dot and Hugh posing with Chloe and Theo at Chloe’s house. Theo is a big impressive baby and Hugh is now trying to eat as much as he can to catch up.
with Chloe and Theo

A present from grandma. I don’t know if this is quite the suave and stylish look a modern young man would choose for himself, but, frankly, it makes him look like a teddy bear and is very, very cute.
teddy suit

You’ve heard of babywearing. Grandma tries catwearing.

The cat did not feel that the presence of Hugh was a good reason for her to give up her lap rights.
Hugh shares grandma’s lap

Especially when Dot had taken her (the cat’s) favourite chair.
Hugh share’s Dot’s lap

Grandpapa had a birthday while we were in Norfolk. Here is Hugh at the celebratory dinner, socializing with Peter Rigg. I’m not sure what they are talking about: possibly hair-care products.
Hugh and Peter Rigg

We also took the chance to catch up with Dan and Bernice, who recently moved from Dublin to Colchester. Their son Amos was born in March.
Amos and DanAmos and Dan


4 thoughts on “Hugh on his travels

  1. kenanddot

    One of the pictures of me nursing baby and cat has your arm in it, but that seems to be it. We have no pictures of Meriel either. We were a bit spasmodic in our photography, which is why our pictures suggest I spent the whole trip wearing the same jumper. With luck Mum will have photos from the days we didn’t take any.

  2. Katimum

    Indeed we do have pictures of Ben – however, he does have the air of wondering whether this is a baby or not. We also have lots of Aunty Meri and Prawn, and even a couple of Dot not in stripes. I don’t think I can copy them onto my reply – I’ll try to e-mail them. I am glad you have some of Prawn’s Grandcat, however.

  3. Plastic Uncle Ben

    Email recieved, and I have also downloaed the ones i took on my camera, I’ll pop them online for you to grab, in my copious free time of course.

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