A post about poo

Dot writes: parents get unavoidably interested in the ins and outs (chiefly outs, one hopes) of poo. Baby poo is not exactly fragrant but it is much more acceptable than, and quite different from, the adult variety. Whereas adults piss and shit, babies poo and pee. There is something kindly and harmless about the words. My baby can poo all down his leg and up his chest and then pee on his own face, and all with an innocent smile. Over the last two weeks he has taken to pooing only once a day if that often, which makes most of the changes a doddle at the price of one ghastly, nappy-shredding explosion. I was planning to give him a bath after his latest effort, but we needed to wait for the boiler to heat up and now he has fallen sweetly asleep on my chest.

I posted quite a while ago about nappies. Here is what we ended up doing. He had about a month in cloth nappies. It was OK once we got into the swing of it, and his nappy rash cleared up, but we were running the washer-dryer constantly and one does wonder quite how eco-friendly it actually was. But then Prawn went up a size in the plastic overpants so we only had three pairs instead of six, plus his pooing gained in vigour, and our system began to break down. Quite quickly we’d find all three pairs of pants were dirty at the leg-holes and we had to go back to disposables for a bit while we cleaned them. The cloth nappies had to hang around longer before being washed and started to smell staggeringly vile. I was tempted by the ease of throwing nappies away instead of the endlessly repeated rituals of washing and folding. So at last we have ended up ordering a big lot of Moltex econappies from ecobaby.ie. These are compostible disposable nappies without chlorine or other nasties in. They do seem to be the best of both worlds, the only disadvantage being that they are slightly more leaky than normal disposables – they are perhaps a bit less absorbent, and the fit is quite generous round the leg. Anyway, Prawn is now an ecobaby by day and wears Huggies Active Fit (for which read: wriggles on the changing mat fit) by night.


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