Curses! Eco DVD stuck in mac!

Ken writes: I foolishly put last Saturday’s Independent’s free give away DVD in my mac despite the warnings against doing just that printed in small type on both the disc and the sleeve it came in. The problem comes from the fact that the DVD is half the standard thickness and doesn’t properly engage the mechanism that returns the disc when you try to eject it. All this week I have been forlornly pressing the eject button in the hope that the mechanism will work more effectively for some reason. All was to no avail, until today. The disc finally came out when I held the laptop on its side in the air with the slot pointing downwards. Perhaps the force of gravity helped.

8 thoughts on “Curses! Eco DVD stuck in mac!

  1. Katimum

    Congratulations on your return to disc enabledness!! (Isn’t that a wonderfully vile expression?) I have just copied lots of Prawnography onto a disc (standard, you will be glad to hear) from the recent Royal Tour so you will be able to admire your son being clutched in the arms of variagated friends and relations. It will be winging its way to Eire shortly.

  2. Ken,

    Had you brought your Mac into the proximity of an object moving close to the speed of light, would the disk have popped out with the slot pointing upwards?

    P.S. Etiquette in this jurisdiction is to use “Eire” when communicating in Irish, as per the Constitution 😉 (I think part of the reaction against its usage in English arises from its pejorative use by hardline Unionist elements in the North).

  3. kenanddot

    I think it’s pronounced ‘error.’ I’m a bit inconsistent in how I write the address. I probably use ‘Ireland’ because I’m not sure people would know where the place is otherwise.

  4. laura

    When you say you were pressing the eject button, do you mean a button on the keyboard? Not to imply anything about your “Mac-user cred”, but the Macs I know of also have a tiny pinhole near the disc slot that allows you to press in with a straightened paper clip or the like. When I’ve had discs lodge in the bay and nothing else is effective, using that feature manually ejects the disc.

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