Dot writes: last night I was hideously awakened at about 2am to find myself in the throes of a nasty stomach upset. Of course my miserable stumblings to the bathroom woke Prawn, so then I had to do my best to hold everything in while I fed him. I have no memory of my mother ever being ill when I was a child, apart from the occasional migraine; mothers are not allowed to be ill, or if they are their children politely ignore the solecism. Fortunately Prawn has a very excellent Dad and, moreover, a Dad who is currently writing rather than teaching. Ken had to get up at 6am to take his mother to the airport, but when he’d done that he brought his work home for a spot of heroic multi-tasking. Meanwhile Prawn chose today to reveal that he can now hold his head up strongly at an angle of about forty-five degrees when lying on his front. We celebrated by lying down on the floor to talk to him. By that point I felt so far recovered I could just about get up again.


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