Car woe in Ballybrack

Ken writes:

On Saturday, while my mother was visiting, we discovered a completely flat tyre on Orlando, our 2001 Rover 25. We have a ‘space saver’ spare which is not designed for regular use, so it put a dampener on our plans to visit the Waterford Crystal factory. I took the tyre in to be fixed on Tuesday and the man couldn’t find a puncture and suggested the valve might be the problem. Since we’d replaced the valve at his shop before our trip to England in January this didn’t inspire confidence (but I kept silent).

Today I have a new proposal. It could have been deliberately let down by vandals! I went to look at the car this morning to check the tyre pressure, and the car in the next space had been broken into. They had entered through a window and the radio was gone. The bonnet was unlatched so presumably the battery is gone as well. Bear in mind that we live in a supposedly gated complex next to a rough estate so this is quite worrying. At the petrol station where I inflated the tyre there was a parked car with a smashed in windscreen and broken side mirror, which could have been left by joy riders after a night of villainy.

There’s probably no connection between them, which if anything is more depressing.


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