Dot writes:

at the start of the month Ken’s mother made a heroic trip from New Zealand in a succession of hideously overcrowded planes to see us. She arrived very crocked up with a kinked spine from her ordeal and we had to book her a physiotherapy appointment. Greater love hath no gran. Here she is (2nd and 4th February) getting acquainted with her first grandchild.

Dad Gran PrawnInspecting the Prawn

Gran and PrawnCuddle

We have rather a habit of sending our guests away broken, largely because of our practice of dragging them all up Killiney Hill. We spared Mairi this particular trial but still managed to make her climb up and down more than is kind taking an ill-remembered short cut back to her guesthouse. Anyway, I hope we were a healing influence on balance. She had a couple of job interviews to go to after seeing us and we’re waiting to find out the results.

This morning for the first time I managed to take a picture of Prawn smiling. He has been smiling for ages now but I’ve only just worked out how to make him do it for the camera. The secret: blow raspberries.

Prawn smilesMother, how frightfully witty!


One thought on “Gran

  1. Katimum

    What a lovely picture of Prawn! I hate to say this, but at first I wondered why you had posted a picture of Dot as a baby……….. Another thought – ought he be described as a Dublin Bay Prawn?

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