No Beard Anymore!

Ken writes: I shaved off my beard today. Strangely, Hugh didn’t really seem to notice the change, or didn’t consider it smile-worthy. Dot, though, seems quite surprised by how different I look. She really had got used to it, I guess. I was surprised by how insensitive my skin was to the razor, which I had to handle forcefully to get through the stubble (I took the bulk off with trimmers).
just the tacheJust the ‘tache
Beard gonebeard gone


2 thoughts on “No Beard Anymore!

  1. Laura

    At least now you have experienced and recorded your various “looks” for future reference. I believe I told you about an uncle of mine who began cultivating a beard when he was about 30. He kept it, (grooming and triming all the while, of course) until he was 45. Then during one night of drinking he decided it was time to remove the beard altogether and upon shaving he discovered he had grown something else: 3 extra bulky chins had been hiding beneath the facial hair. So it’s good to check at least every now and again.

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