Dot writes: on Monday I encountered one of those unforseen parenting problems that occasionally creep up on one. I’d walked to Dalkey with Prawn in the pram – I needed exercise and he had exhausted the entertainment possibilities of his playmat, the flat and his mother – and stopped in at IdleWilde cafe for a drink and a feed. Before starting my smoothie and latching him on I needed to visit the loo. Here arose my problem. How do you go to the loo in a cafe where the toilet is far too small to admit a buggy? And, having decided that the solution is simply to carry the baby in with you, how do you get your trousers done up again with one hand? I couldn’t put him down on the floor (cold, hard, possibly sprinkled with strangers’ wee) or on the loo seat (he might fall off). I tried sitting down and laying him across my lap, but that too felt dangerous and it was too much of a struggle to close my jeans in that position (I did have a baby recently: my tummy is not what it was). I was beginning to think I’d just have to walk back into the cafe with my fly undone , but then by dint of sheer desperation and doing the zip before the catch I managed to save my dignity.

Prawn, by the way, was very good about not wriggling or crying through all this. He can be a right prima donna at times (e.g. grocery shopping) but he rises to the occasion magnificently in a crisis.


4 thoughts on “Predicament

  1. Dot

    I’ve been back a number of times. These days Hugh can walk into the cubicle with me and the issue then is to stop him pulling all the paper out or playing with the brush.

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