Dot writes: I am feeling faintly smug, also faintly stiff, because yesterday morning I handed Prawn to Ken and went for a run. It was only a short run round the block, but it felt amazingly good. Strange how some muscle aches are horrible and some are almost pleasant. I think the key is symmetry; the sort of niggly backache or forearm pain one gets from picking up and holding a baby in ill-advised ways makes one feel lopsided and twisted, but an ache in each thigh makes the body feel the right shape. Anyway, let’s see if I manage to do this again before Prawn is big enough to come too.

My last run was on Good Friday and I ended up going to the emergency room later that day with a pain in one side that had to be checked out in case of ectopic pregnancy. In retrospect, it was ligament pain brought on by the run.


3 thoughts on “Run

  1. Ectopic – eek!

    In 2006 I went to the ER with what turned to to be just ovulation pains – the Metformin had finally kicked in to help with the PCOS, was a bit embarassing, I’d also had to spend most of the time telling doctors and nurses that there was no way I could be possibly pregnant. Which I wasn’t of course but still felt very silly to find out that it was just plain old mittelschmerz.

  2. Dot

    The books (and, even more, the internet) always point you towards the most scary possible explanation of any little niggle, and then it has to get checked…I felt a bit silly, too, but really we were both just being conscientious and cautious!

    In my case I was pregnant, and the ER visit meant I got an early scan. Then they booked me in to come back for another scan as the blob was smaller than indicated by my menstrual dates and ‘it’s possible your baby has stopped growing’. Again, scariest possible explanation, and this time from the hospital. In fact, it was a simple case of one-size-fits-all due date calculation being wrong for a woman with a long cycle.

  3. The interwebs are very dangerous, last week I made the mistake of looking up what a prolapse umbilical cord was, but reminded myself that the baby is very nearly engaged so its unlikely to happen to me.

    As for dates, at least we in the position that we know exactly when it happened, and that I was sitting with my feet up in a sunny waiting room afterwards drinking cocoa and reading Georgette Heyer. I’ve pointedly not read the book since that afternoon, I’m going to take it with me to the hospital, but it’s An Infamous Army…. I might have to pack some of the lighter ones šŸ˜‰

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