Dot writes: a couple of weeks ago I got a letter inviting me to bring Prawn to Loughlinstown Health Centre on the 26th February (today) for a ‘developmental assessment’. Now, I am a worrier and also (alas) a pushy middle class mum in the making, and I have been fretting slightly at Prawn’s reluctance to keep to the schedule of new achievements laid down for him in What to Expect: The First Year. On the one hand, I know he will get round to rolling and babbling and so forth in his own good time; on the other, I firmly believe him to be the best and most adorable baby in the world; but, on another hand (this one is obviously a kind of alien graft), I also worry that he isn’t as advanced as my friend Aura’s baby who is almost exactly the same age (though not nearly as fat). Happily, Prawn has been swotting up.

In the last week he has (hoorah!) convincingly discovered his hands. Not just fist-chewing or absently grasping his mother’s hair, but pulling dangly toys towards him, looking at them as he does so, and sometimes bringing in the other hand to help. He also clasps his hands together, occasionally inspects them, and has rediscovered sucking his thumb, a skill he had at a week old and then lost again (this sometimes involves sticking his index finger up his nose). Here he is playing with the buggy bar I got him for his bouncy chair. It doesn’t fit the buggy, but it’s great nonetheless.

handsBuggy bar

(Ken, looking over my shoulder, meanly points out that Prawn isn’t really reaching yet and ‘convincing’ is an overstatement.)

Another habit Prawn has acquired is trying to heave himself up into a more upright position as he sits in the aforementioned bouncy chair. Note how in the picture below he has lifted his head and some of his upper back from the canvas. The work he is perusing is That’s not my Monster (Usborne, 2004).

readingWork those abs!

Sadly, he is still not too keen on tummy time. He hasn’t got the idea of pushing up with his arms and tries to lift head and legs together, grunting painfully and wobbling from side to side as he does so. But he is trying a bit harder than he did a month ago. The picture below was taken on the 17th January.

17 JanSnooze

In the end it turned out the assessment wasn’t concerned with any of this stuff. The nurse measured Prawn’s head, felt his fontanelles, weighed him (he’d put on three ounces SINCE YESTERDAY), ascertained that he startles at loud noises, and remarked in passing that he seems a happy little chap. That was it. I feel he should at least have had a rosette or something for his efforts.


10 thoughts on “Swot

  1. Dot

    He was fully clothed yesterday too…but yes, scales can be wrong, as we know from the hospital. (His weight today was 7lb 10oz / 8kg).

    I realise recent pictures give the impression he spends all his time in the bouncy chair. It is very useful – in the chair he will stay happy and interested much longer than lying on his mat, and it is less effort than carrying 8kg of baby around – but it is a bit overrepresented on account of offering an easy opportunity to take his photograph.

  2. kenanddot

    Yes, I have to be careful – at the moment Prawn is completely unaware of my ambitions for him (such as rolling over), but later I have to beware of enrolling him in unwanted chess clubs etc. Fortunately he inherits a powerful dose of stubbornness from his father.

  3. Could be worse – I think Jon would like our bump to become an Aeronautical Engineer… Why else would he pick the name Amelia 😉
    I think it might be a cunning excuse for him to build a kit plane as it would be a father-daughter project 😉

    Alas, though, I’m not thwarting him as much as he might expect/like.

  4. Pushy middle class mum?

    Oh no, Dot, you haven’t gone native?

    Next, you’ll start looking for a piece of pavement onto which to put two wheels of your 4×4; you will begin conducting mobile telephone conversations in a loud voice in public places; and, worst of all, you’ll be wearing sunglasses on the top of your head. Arrrrrgh!

  5. Katimum

    I was grieved to hear you have been starving my Grandson to the extent that he has lost almost all the weight he gained from birth – no wonder the poor little tyke keeps you awake at night! Or was the 7lbs 10oz a mistype?

  6. kenanddot

    Yes, that should have been 17lb 10oz. The 8kg is right, however.

    Re: pushy middle-class-mumness: I don’t think wearing sunglasses on the top of one’s head is too much of a danger for one who has largely given up on contact lenses…so that’s alright then:-)

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