Jump, Hugh, Jump!

Dot writes: yesterday my two yoga friends Aura and Claudie came round for an early dinner with their partners and their babies. It was a great success; conversation flourished and I was pleased with my cooking (this time, I cooked both starter and main course with Ken making bread as an accompaniment, and Claudie brought along a dessert). But…Aura’s baby has raised the bar again by rolling over! Poor Hugh! No getting out of tummy time now…

As always, I experienced the shock of seeing how enormous Hugh looks beside Jake (Aura’s baby) and Karel (son of Claudie). Karel is the tallest, but Hugh is far and away the heaviest. When they are at school he can be their big strong friend who beats people up for them.

Why do I have these silly twinges about Karel and Jake being further along with motor skills and so forth? (Karel is much better with his hands than Hugh.) I’ve heard that the rate people acquire skills as babies is not really much of a predictor of how well they do later; and what I want for Hugh is for him to be happy and sociable and a good person, not a driven over-achiever. I suppose I got too much of my own self-esteem as a child from coming top in tests and things like that, and I can’t help retaining that competitive attitude. Well, I must hide it as well as I can, because all Hugh needs to know is that I love him beyond anything.

5 thoughts on “Jump, Hugh, Jump!

  1. ken

    I’m not the least bit bothered that Jake and Karel are performing better than Hugh. My biggest fears were allayed when Hugh started to smile and to interact with us as people. As long as I know he’ll be a happy sociable kid, I’m content to let him develop in his own good time. Anyway, they say still waters run deep; it’s beneath his dignity to perform tricks for an audience.

  2. It isn’t being ‘competitive’, its about wanting the best for your child. I have to admit, I’m still competitive about my kids – what until you start comparing school grades!

  3. When I tapped four times on one side of Becky and two times on the other he went to the four-tap side. But if I tapped ten times on one side of Becky and six times on the other he didn’t make a predictable choice.

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