Puke, Rainbow

Dot writes: today Hugh was sick all over Ken’s head. Ken was doing this thing he does of putting Hugh on his shoulders to have a look at the world from Ken-zone, and it was rather too soon after a feed, and well… it missed my shoes, on the floor directly below, but that’s the best that can be said about it. I’m afraid I laughed.

On the way back from Tescos we saw a perfect rainbow. It was arched over Killiney Hill with a background of purple cloud, and it was so complete it looked like it had been painted on. Killiney Bay is a great place for rainbows. And our flat is a great place for baby-sick…


One thought on “Puke, Rainbow

  1. Best opening sentence ever!

    Reminds me of how Jon and I were once discussing how a newly fed baby could be used as an offensive weapon, primed like an aerosol 😉

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