Gloom dispelled

Dot writes: I was pushing the buggy up from Killiney Station yesterday afternoon, having exchanged the mistaken babygros at Next in Blackrock. Hugh had had enough and was starting to cry, but I couldn’t walk very fast as I’ve pulled a muscle in my lower back. It had been raining and looked likely to rain again. And then, speeding down the hill, (bicycle-)helmeted and armoured (in a day-glo yellow high-visibility jacket), there came…Daddy! Hugh stopped crying. The sun came out. My back didn’t stop hurting but at least I had someone to complain to about it. (If I try to tell Hugh he looks at me as if to say ‘You think you’ve got problems? I can’t walk.’) Life was good once more.

So, secure in the knowledge that I can now once again take a shower without having to have the baby in the bathroom with me, here is the positive side of four days and three nights spent without Ken. I have achieved the following:
– I rang the garage and told them to go ahead and fix the car. We need our car, even if it might be a horrendously complicated operation involving machinists in Ringsend.
– I went shopping with Aura and it was fun.
– Hugh now has some clothes to grow into.
– I paid a booking deposit for Hugh to go to a creche three days a week from May. This is a BIG thing to have sorted out. I hope it turns out to be a positive thing for him – lots of different faces and exciting toys – rather than the early experience of abandonment that will one day impel him to go to a Superquinn and shoot everyone.
– I got Hugh to take naps morning and afternoon every day and, after Monday’s horrible night, I succeeded in persuading him to sleep at night in his cot rather than our bed.
– I ate proper dinners and not just toast.
– Hugh had his four-month immunisations.
– I finally finished reading Life of Pi. I have no idea why it took me so long because it’s not exactly a difficult read.
– I even did a miniscule amount of work!

Hugh was much nicer yesterday than earlier in the week and was practising grasping things. Today I am taking him to La Leche League. And Ken is going to work at home. Yay!


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