Pictures of Hugh

Dot writes: just what the world has been waiting for – more pictures of our lovely baby!

This shot of Hugh playing with his buggy bar was actually taken a few weeks ago, just after the photos in this post.

David (Claudie’s husband) took some beautiful shots of Hugh when they came round to dinner on 2nd March.


One recent development is that we have started using the seat setting rather than the carry cot on the stokke. Officially you’re supposed not to switch until 6 months, but Hugh has plenty of upper body control now and likes to look around. Here he is in his regal chariot.

Out shopping with Aura on the 12th, I bought Hugh this rather smart new outfit. I love it because it’s just like something Ken would wear.

I’ve been looking back through our store of digital photos and making a selection to have printed for the album (who knows how long these file formats will be comprehensible?). It’s really brought home to me how much Hugh has changed in his short life. Here he is at three days old.
And this was taken last week. It doesn’t show him to advantage, but it is rather funny…


One thought on “Pictures of Hugh

  1. Laura

    I must say that the first photo (with the buggy-bar) looks a lot like Ken – because from what I remember, that’s the way he enjoys his food. Also, in the “post shopping” photo – Prawn’s smart new outfit does look like a Ken-ensemble, though I don’t believe Ken often takes that much pleasure in fashion (apart from his style shoes). Finally, Dot, that last pic, with the baby snuggly, makes you look like the proud mom, ready to face the day, despite the extra burden -literally ’round your neck. I don’t know how you do it!
    I love Prawn photos.

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