The other half

Dot writes: today we had a meeting of the yoga mums. It was hosted by a woman I haven’t seen since the last pregnancy yoga class I attended and I hadn’t been to her house before, so I used the map to get there. When I arrived I thought at first I must have made a mistake. Her house turned out to be a vast, magnificent 19th C terrace set in a square with its own elegant park. Our whole flat could fit into her basement with space left over, and she had at least three floors (I think four – basement, entrance floor up a flight of steps, upstairs and attic). It was all done up in impeccable modern affluent style, with leather sofas, white rugs, high-backed dining chairs and a glossy kitchen the size of a yacht. I was the first there and was rather at a loss. You can’t really greet someone with the words: ‘Good heavens! You must be staggeringly rich.’ But Aura and Claudie and I left together when the meeting ended – we went for lunch in Dun Laoghaire – and we were able to express our amazed feelings as we tottered away down the road. Still, as Aura said, this woman is very nice; you would never have guessed she had a house like that. šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “The other half

  1. “Still, as Aura said, this woman is very nice; you would never have guessed she had a house like that.”

    Are people with nice, large houses normally not nice?

  2. Dot

    I originally put a smiley at the end of the post, but then I deleted it again because it seemed a bit heavy-handed. I might put it back, though.

    The point is that this woman never let us suspect the extraordinary gulf of wealth and status that separates her from us. And also, there’s a joke on us, because those who’ve foolishly chosen badly-paid professions (as I have) tend to feel vaguely that we are rather virtuous for being unsullied by the great vulgar tide of cash. We have chosen a nobler path, or something. (Actually, I just never managed to leave school.)

  3. I think it might be worth asking what her husband does? Because, you know, he could have been an investment banker or executive for 20 years now. Whereas you and Ken are just starting out in your field, which, while it may never pay as well as some, isn’t so bad when you get to the top. I know Becky’s bosses are paid very well and have great houses, one of them has more than one. Of course, property was cheaper when they started out. And their partners work, too, and I don’t know what they do. The point being you can’t compare apples and oranges right?

  4. kenanddot

    I suspect her husband may well be an investment banker or similar. She is actually a full time mum at present, though she may well have been pretty high powered before the kids came along.

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