Ken writes: Dot bought a couple of new CD’s the other day. Herbie Hancock’s River, which is a tribute to Joni Mitchell. It is a collection of covers and adaptions of her songs done in collaboration with among others Norah Jones, Leonard Cohen and Tina Turner. I’ve only listened to it once so far, but I suspect I’ll like it. It’s very complex and interesting.

Dot and I both instantly took to the other CD Let it Die by Feist. Neither of us had heard of her before, but dot chanced across an interview somewhere and bought the CD out of interest. It’s very good. I would say it’s slightly jazz, slightly country, and very interesting. Worth a listen, anyway.

7 thoughts on “Feist

  1. Dot

    I don’t detect a country note. A hint of jazz, yes, coupled to gentle pop. One track reminded me strongly of material from the P. J. Harvey album To Bring You My Love.

  2. And she’s Canadian, originally from Calgary (the city of my birth). I believe that she is dating Kevin Drew of the “Broken Social Scene”. They live in Toronto, on the same street that I once did (although far to the west of my old dump).

    I’m so connected, eh!

  3. sunbug1138

    Feist is great. We had the good fortune to see her live a few years back just after Let it Die came out as she and her guitar were supporting the Divine Comedy at the Royal Albert Hall.

  4. ken

    I suppose that’s a more credible explanation than the one I came up with, involving a trenchcoat, ladder and binoculars…

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