Mummy’s Big Day Out

Ken writes: I’m looking after Hugh at home today because Dot is organising the visit of a prestigious speaker to Dublin who will be delivering a lecture this evening. It’s Hugh’s first day without his mummy, and it is proving traumatic. This morning, when he realised she wasn’t here anymore he started howling. It was heart-breaking. I managed to calm him down to sleep by holding him to my chest and giving him Dot’s pyjama top to smell. I thought the familiar smell would soothe him and it seemed to.

More updates through the day

Baby dreaming of being with his mummyHugh dreaming of his mother’s arms


5 thoughts on “Mummy’s Big Day Out

  1. Dot

    Ohhh, it’s 5.35 and I miss my baby! However, I must go back to boning up on Anglo-Saxon burial:-(

    I’ve managed to pump a couple of feeds and it’s surprising how little came out. Is it that the breast pump is much less effective than a baby or is it that Hugh eats less than you’d think? Possibly both.

  2. ken

    Hugh’s alseep now, I hope, until Dot gets home. I didn’t have to resort to the sockful of wet sand, thankfully, thanks to the sterling efforts of Dot’s pyjama top, but as it’s been chewed on and blubbed over quite heavily, I think she may want a change of night wear when she gets back.

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