The strange name of Eugene Terre-Blanche

Ken writes: Mugabe has had published forged letters connecting Tsivangirai, Gordon Brown and numerous MDC officers with exiled Rhodesians in South Africa and South African white supremecist and Afrikaner resistance movement leader Eugene Terre-Blanche. It’s completely ridiculous. But it occurred to me that Eugene Terre-Blanche’s name is actually pretty comically ridiculous all by itself. It looks like etymologically it means “Good Genes, White Land”. How appropriate for a white supremecist! It’s got to be a pseudonym, but no, according to Wikipedia that’s his real name (of course, if it were supposed to remain secret it would be easy to supply corroborating details to wikipedia…) Anyway, supposing it is his real name, is it just a bizarre coincidence? Perhaps being called ‘white land’ in Africa disposed Eugene’s parents to eugenics and that affected their choice of name for their son. Perhaps rather than reacting against his name and upbringing he went in for white supremecism more deeply and one thing led to another and he ended up leader of a lunatic fringe movement… It’s pretty hard to put much weight on the cause and effect here, but the coincidence is otherwise just too bizarre, isn’t it?


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