Photographic evidence

Dot writes: when I post pictures of Prawnly activities that have already been described in previous posts I feel as though I’m trying to back up my outlandish claims. Yes, the baby really did eat a biscuit, extraordinary though it seems! If you will forgive me being sentimental, watching one’s baby develop truly gives one a sense of how marvellous, how complex and important, the most familiar and ordinary things are. Everything is wonderful and new as we look at it through Hugh’s eyes. Like this very handsome Stokke Tripp-Trapp chair, for example (purchased on Thursday).

Or the label of this muscial duck.

And indeed, the baby did eat a biscuit, or rather parts of biscuits on several occasions. This photo, taken when Mum was here, shows him devoting his immediate attentions to a new toy, but notice the selection of finger foods we had hopefully prepared for him.

2 thoughts on “Photographic evidence

  1. Katimum

    Trying to teach young children to dance taught me early on in my career just how complex a skip and a hop can be! And as for reading…….how do we do it, anyway?

  2. Dot

    It’s amazing how complicated rolling over is, for example. Hugh has now learnt to roll from front to back to the right as well as to the left. But he still gets muddled and leaves his arm in the wrong place, so that he pushes and pushes and can’t seem to work out why he isn’t making it. Sometimes he seems to get confused and try to roll over in both directions at once. It’s hard being a baby. But he is getting better at catching those elusive biscuits. He can pick things up from his bowl now so I don’t have to put the food into his hand. Eating is still rather hard. He tries to bite off too much and then has a coughing fit. (Sometimes I wonder if this finger food thing is really a way of encouraging one’s baby to choke to death, but it is the method the doctor recommended…maybe on the ‘Better drowned than duffers’ principle…)

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