Milk emergency (updated)

Dot writes: help! I’ve lost a piece of my breast pump! It’s lunchtime, I’m in my office, and I need to pump off a future meal for Prawn lest I swell and swell and finally pop! (Or get mastitis, which is more likely.) What on earth can I have done with it? It’s bad enough wandering around the English department carrying bags of my own milk (to be stored in the departmental fridge until home-time), without strewing bits of breast pump under the professors’ decorous feet…

Later: I found the missing piece in the bin in the kitchen. What a narrow escape.


4 thoughts on “Milk emergency (updated)

  1. Katimum

    Would it be cannibalism to use your own milk for tea? On the other hand, I suppose we all chew bits of finger nail off from time to time (when, for instance) wondering what we have done with the missing bit of breast pump).

  2. Dot

    I did try tasting my milk at one point. I also tried some formula. My milk is definitely better than the formula (which is really strong and sickly – ugh) but I wouldn’t want either in tea.

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