Hugh and his friends

Dot writes: now I’m back at work I haven’t had a chance to post much, resulting in a severe cuteness backlog. In an attempt to clear some of our arrears I here present a selection of pictures from the last week. I hope by dumping all this cuteness on the market I don’t depress the price. I doubt it. Cuteness is more like literature or music than marshmallows or executive apartments: the more of it there is, the better it gets.

David and Zoe came to visit last weekend. They are brilliant with Hugh and it was lovely to have them here (they’re pretty good with us, too). I sometimes fear I am too quiet and sedate to keep a baby properly entertained. This is not the case with David and Zoe.

Today my yoga-mum friend Aura had a naming ceremony, a sort of secular Christening, for her son Jake, and we were invited, as were Claudie, David and Karel. So this post has bonus cuteness in the form of Jake and Karel.

Aura and Jake (note Aura’s posh get-up and Jake’s little stockbroker outfit)

Claudie and Karel

Jake has huge eyes and pixie-pointiness and Karel is an extremely sociable and clever baby, but to this fond maternal eye Hugh is the cutest of them all.

In case you were wondering, yes, he is sitting unsupported! He does tend to wobble over to one side after a bit and fall over, but it definitely counts.


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