Hugh’s in hospital

Ken writes:

Today, just as we were packing our bags for our trip to Galway, Hugh pitched off the side of the bed straight on to his darling little head. To my eye, and I watched the whole thing in slow-motion, he seemed to hit the ground full on the top of his head. There was a moment of silence and then a chugging, sucking clearing of the mouth and then howling and tears. And incredibly worried and panicked parents.

It’s very hard to know what to do. I picked Hugh up and Dot took him and held him and gave him a breast to comfort him. We rang the after-hours doctor service, because like the last emergency, this happened on a Sunday. They told us to take him to A&E and to watch for swelling, dilated pupils and vomitting. Unfortunately, Hugh tends to vomit lots anyway, and the breastful of milk had made him sleepy so we couldn’t check his eyes. But his head was the same sweet size. I chucked everything in the car and we drove to Tallaght hospital. Alice clapped her hands and Hugh startled to that so we knew he was conscious.

At the hospital, Hugh woke up and started looking around at his surroundings. That’s the good news. I’m not very certain about subsequent developments, because I had to leave Dot and Hugh and the car in Tallaght and take the train to Galway (it’s a small matter). Dot later called me on the train to say they are keeping Hugh in over night for observation, but they assured her this is routine for head injuries for children under 1. I am thankful that Hugh was looking more like his usual self when I left him.

I’m hoping Dot updates this when she has more news.


10 thoughts on “Hugh’s in hospital

  1. ken

    Thanks Chris. I think all will be well. He really was behaving normally when I left. A little muted, perhaps, but then Dot and I were giving off hig anxiety vibes, and he must have sensed that.

  2. Hope all’s well – I’m sure it will be. I lost count of how many times I dropped my kids on their heads. I once threw Ellen down the stairs. Actually, thinking about it, that might explain a lot of things! Take care.

  3. kenanddot

    I spoke with Dot this morning, and she says Hugh is fine and in good spirits. She had a difficult night there, though, because Hugh refused to sleep in his cot. She had to have him in the single bed they gave her, so she lay awake the whole night terrified he’d roll on to the floor again!

    Thanks for your support!

  4. Meri

    How are you guys faring now? Is Hugh back home yet? Has it delayed your holiday? Big hugs and soothing vibes being sent via the internet…

  5. Katimum

    It probably means he’ll end up as a re-enactor – appararently someone tried to work out what all the Kenwellies had in common. (For those not familiar with the term, that means those who go to Kentwell Hall in Suffolk and recreate the Tudor period there for this information and mystification of school children and the entertainment of the general public). The only factor that they could identify was that they all had received severe blows on the head as children. Personally, I got concussion colliding with a small boy in the playground – I never found out what happened to him but I still remember disliking the brandy the doctor gave me!!!!!!! How times have changed.

  6. Meri

    Re-enacting does go hand in hand with concusion: Ben recons he’s had concusion (or at least a hard blow to the head) every year since he started… which explains alot. Then again I can’t remember ever having had concusion, so maybe it isn’t essential to re-enact.

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