Dot writes: today Hugh is with the childminder and I have no meetings at work, so we need to take this opportunity to: put the curtains back up in the old flat, check we haven’t left anything, try to reduce the new flat to some vague semblance of order, arrange for our post to be forwarded, write and send change of address letters, and also (in my case) do a big chunk of work on a conference paper. But right now I am playing on my lovely shiny new Asus Eee PC, which arrived this morning. It is very small and light and charming. I find the keyboard fiddly but in a nice way, like an exceptionally detailed toy; it makes a pleasant clicky sound. We have also restored our broadband (bye-bye horrible Eircom, hello also horrible but happily cheaper Irish Broadband). Hooray! A wall of cardboard boxes will just insulate the flat better and save on our heating bills…and maybe instead of boring them with my thoughts on the Exeter Book Riddles I can show the conference delegates how cute and dinky this blog looks on a computer the size of a paperback…


4 thoughts on “Eee!

  1. Dot,

    I bought one of those yokes a couple of weeks ago – it was recommended in the Technopolis column in the FT. Being a complete ignoramus, I tried downloading programmes to run, but they disappeared into the depths of Linux.

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