Photos from Wales trip

Ken writes: Here are a few of the photos I took on our recent trip to Wales. I hope to be emailed some others in due course, and may post the better ones on here too. Click on the photos for a larger image.
Hugh hijacks his mother\'s appleHugh hijacks his mother’s apple.
Hugh and Uncle Ben.
Uncle ben holds Hugh up for the camera.
Hugh with Uncle Ben.

Dressed for the sun with sun screen and head scarf, Hugh sits with his granny.

A tired baby relaxes…


4 thoughts on “Photos from Wales trip

  1. Katimum

    Anyone know how to attach a photo to a blog comment? I have just downloaded 3,000 pics of gorgeous grandson with a variety of interesting people.

  2. kenanddot

    I don’t think it’s possible to attach a photo to a blog comment. You would have to upload the photo to the WordPress server (or wherever it is our data is stored) and I think you would have to have administrative rights on the account to do that. But you could put a link in your comment to your own site if you can put the photos up somewhere else (you would have to write the code into the comment too)

  3. I think you are very brave to go camping with Hugh! Then again nothing will induce me to go camping much to Jon’s eternal bafflement 😉

    I think the solutions to the many photos would be to sign up for a flickr account –

    We keep shoving pictures of Amelia up on what seems like a daily (really weekly) basis.

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