Prawn stats

Dot writes: it’s ages since I’d had Prawn weighed, but today he had a developmental assessment and weighing was part of it. I can therefore proudly report he has broken through the 10kg barrier and is now 10.12 kg or 22lb 5oz (including nappy and short-legged romper suit with nifty anchor design). He can also hear. The developmental test consisted chiefly of one nurse spinning a top in front of Hugh to give him something to look at and the other nurse then making noises to one or other side behind him to find out if he would react. He did react, but quite quickly he got wise to the fact there was someone creeping about behind his back and would turn round to find out what she was doing before she made the official Hugh-attracting noise. He is a clever little boy.


3 thoughts on “Prawn stats

  1. They checked Amelia’s hearing at the hospital before we were discharged; they use sound waves to test while they are asleep, and the results are based on I believe measuring the reverberation. Not sure if this is a UK only thing. Amelia is around 8-9lbs now.

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