Dot writes: I have to give a paper next week at the International Medieval Conference in Leeds. Every time I propose a paper for Leeds I promise myself I will have an extensively researched, fully written text a couple of weeks in advance of the conference. And every time I realise with about a week to go that my main idea for the paper is thin and useless and I end up doing a desperate last minute rethink in note form. So guess what I’m up to right now. Actually, I am writing a full text (I speak better from notes, but it’s a twenty minute slot and I need to keep strictly to time), but I am stuck. I have a sort of awkward pile of not-quite connecting pieces of ideas in my head and my poor limp brain can’t manage to fit them together. So I am trying displacement activities in the hope the pieces will shift while, as it were, my back is turned.

It’s raining and I want to go home and cuddle Prawn.


3 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Katimum

    I want to cuddle Prawn as well, but am suffering from acute Grandson deprivation. Sniff, sniff. However, I have begun scheming for a visit in September……. and I keep playing my little camerera video of him bouncing on Meri’s bed and trying to talk – pathetic, isn’t it!

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