Joy of wireless

Dot writes: I’m posting this mostly because I can. I’m in the lounge of Hinsley Hall in Leeds, which is the place Leeds Tourist Information Centre found us to stay while I attend the International Medieval Congress, and which turns out to be some sort of ecumenical Christian conference centre. It has rooms named after Aelred of Rievaulx and Hilda of Whitby; as a medievalist I find this pleasing. Anyhow, my paper is written, and I think the core of it is reasonably good (though I never really know until I present them whether my papers are any good), and now I have only to track down the Anglo-Saxonists’ meal this evening and not drink too much to drive back and breastfeed Hugh afterwards.

The other night I dreamt I had to sit the General Paper and I was writing an essay on ‘the pig in world literature’. I wasn’t doing well managing the time and I couldn’t read what I had written in the first part of the paper because my handwriting was that terribly loopy arcaded kind in thick pen, and also I seemed to have put coloured stickers all over it. I wonder a) what this all means (I don’t understand my own work, perhaps) and b) what one could in fact say about the pig in world literature?


9 thoughts on “Joy of wireless

  1. I used to have recurrent exam related dreams around exam time (once I’d finished university). Usually involving me having to sit an Irish/Latin/English exam in order to get my degree, which was in Engineering, which seems as much a juxtaposition as the Pig in Literature;-)

    As regards the Pig in World Literature the only pig I can think of off the top of my head is Piglet from Winnie the Pooh, oh and Napoleon(?) in Animal Farm.

    I hope the paper went well and that you got back home without too much hassle.

  2. Katimum

    So far N and I have come up with:
    1) The pig’s head in Lord of the Flies
    2) Pigling Bland
    3) Gaderean Swine and Prodigal Son’s swine
    4) Tom Tom the Piper’s son’s booty
    5) Character in a PG Wodehouse story – Blandford came into it somewhere but I can’t remember if that was the owner or the pig
    6) The piglet in Alice in Wonderland
    7) Odysseus’s men enchanted by Circe
    8) The Three little Pigs and
    9) the Roald Dahl story involving Miss Riding Hood.
    10) The beast of the sewers in Neverwhere
    11) Similar in Midnight is a Place
    12) Hogfather

    Well, it’s a start!

    I was rather intrigued by the paper proposed for the Leeds Conference on the Onion in Germanic literature – did you attend?

  3. I think the pig in literature symbolises man’s fear that he is, in fact, an animal.

    Charlotte’s Web has a pig.

    I dream that I am about to go on stage in Lords productions and I haven’t learned my lines yet. I have to admit that one may be based on real anxieties, considering I often hadn’t learned my lines until very near the performance date!

  4. ooh yes the Empress of Blandings, the Earl’s prize pig, and the neighbour had a pig as well, I recall the Earl of Emsworth being somewhat miffed that his pigman was lured away and the Empress went off her food. Alot of the stories I remember involved somewhat impecunious nephews stealing and finding the Empress ;-D

    In Willow, I film I grant you, they (the heroic army) also are briefly turned into pigs.

    It is amazing how many pigs you can remember. I have also read Neverwhere and I forgot about the Beast in the Sewers…

    And also Saddlebottom…

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