Happy birthday

Dot writes: it’s my birthday today. Last year my thirtieth birthday was comically, masochistically awful. It was a Friday. I went into work. On the way from the station to my office I got utterly soaked in exceptionally heavy rain and I then spent the morning drying off, with my sodden shoes propped against the heater and my sopping skirt spread over the arms of my office chair. I spoke to no-one all day apart from one of the secretaries (and of course my beloved Ken, in the evening, but let’s not spoil the impression of gloom and misery). I allowed myself to leave early (about four) and went and bought my first pair of maternity jeans. The maternity jeans were rather cheap and always prone to fall down.

This year, the weather is beautiful – blue skies and only a smattering of grey ominous clouds. My darling Hugh greeted me with a perfectly formed little present in his nappy and has not yet been sick on me today. Ken and his Dad have both given me excellent presents, including (from Ken) a recording of the BBC radio series with Flight of the Conchords (New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk-parody band). We are planning an outing to Avondale House in Co. Wicklow, which is a very Dot kind of outing. Happy day!


3 thoughts on “Happy birthday

  1. Happy birthday, Dot,

    It is the Best Beloved’s birthday today as well. You are right – it was a rotten day last year, we planned a boat trip with friends with the intention of enjoying an evening meal in Killiney Bay – at Dalkey Island the master of the boat said it was advisable to turn back. This year we were much less adventurous and went to The Guinea Pig in Dalkey.

    Hope your day out went well. You were missed this morning!

  2. Katimum

    And Happy Wedding Anniversary for tomorrow! I was reading the Fred Day diary this morning and reliving the rising feeling of panic as things started to go pear shaped on the days preceding and the morning of the day itself, all to resolve happily into a lovely and memorable day. Greetings from the Gammage and Roscoe crowd who I have been visiting over the weekend! Photos much admired.

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