Foolish Ken

Ken writes: I thought I’d give myself a DIY haircut this morning. It’s not difficult and it saves money. I’ve done it several times already. I have a pair of clippers and affix a no. 8 (one inch) attachment to it and buzz buzz buzz. Nothing simpler.

But it shouldn’t be attempted when you’re still feeling sleepy. That is what I learned this morning. I buzzed a big chunk off before I realised I hadn’t fixed the no. 8 attachment on and, well there was no going back.

The result.

I guess I could pretend that:
a) I lost a bet…
b) I’m protesting China’s use of the veto on sanctions against the Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe…
c) I’m trying to hide my premature baldness…

but I know there’s no concealing the fact that

I am a numpty!


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