The male line

Dot writes:

these pictures were taken on Sunday.

The direct male line of the Jorgensens – three firstborn sons:

Hugh’s first go on a swing. He approached it seriously and without frivolity.


4 thoughts on “The male line

  1. I love the photos. Gosh, isn;t your boy growing up fast. It doesn;t seem like 5 minutes ago that you were still pregnant.

    A thought has just struck me – I feel like a virtual Auntie to someone who in effect is a complete stranger. How weird.

  2. Meri

    Not so weird; I’m a real Aunty, and I get to see so little of Hugh that you could probably descibe me a virtual stranger…

  3. Katimum

    Don’t like to disillusion you, but actually it wasn’t his first go on a swing…… He had a little ‘adventure with Grandma’ when at the Bala campsite in their play area! He took it equally seriously, however.

    Thanks for the pictures – I am having a Bad Computer day (can’t get into any of the files on my work laptop) and needed cheering up. This follows a Bad Visiting day yesterday when I lost not one but two Parking Permits (one for Norwich the other for Yarmouth). I did find them again, right at the end of the day, but it involved manually shifting a BMW which had parked with its wheel on one of them.

    But isn’t Hugh gorgeous! And what a big grin.

  4. Dot

    I’m not too upset to learn it wasn’t his first go on a swing! It was his first photographed go on a swing, at least.

    Sarah, it’s lovely you feel like a virtual auntie to Hugh. We really like getting your comments on our blog and I’ve valued all your kind advice.

    And Meri – come over! We have a spare room now.

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