Baby power

Dot writes:

Aura and Jake and Claudie and Karel came over today. It was supposed to be a yoga mums meeting but it was just the three (six) of us. Never mind, we had a lovely time.

Jake: the power of cuteness

Karel: the power of intellect. (Hugh lurching towards the camera with food on his nose, and Aura in the background taking a picture.)

Hugh: the power to change channel.

(Actually this was taken a few days ago. But the main power Hugh was demonstrating today was the power to eat a whole jar of spaghetti bolognese, and I was too caught up in the thick of the action to photograph him doing it.)


One thought on “Baby power

  1. katimum

    Why am I not surprised that Hugh’s Power is the Power of Eating? Of course, it would be very unfair to allude to any resemblance to his Grandpapa (maternal).

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