Dot writes: Hugh finally has a proper (full-size, or indeed plus-size) cot – a cotbed I bought secondhand on Thursday. It has some screws missing but I didn’t realise they were especially important until Ken did some rather vehement muttering about it. Anyway, he fixed the problem, and the cot (or part of the cot) looks like this.

Hugh didn’t get into that position without a little help from me, but still, we should possibly find out if the base has a lower position. Here’s another picture of him exploring the cot’s possibilities.

It was fun buying the cot; I got it from a couple in Rathfarnham whose little daughters fussed gratifyingly over Hugh’s cuteness. Unfortunately that was the day of his heroics with the spaghetti bolognese, and he chose the moment I put him into the cot, which they’d assembled in their front room, to expel a very pungent poo. Quick to react to my child’s need, I reached down into the cot and lifted him up straight into a rather complicated light fitting. Happily it was a loose dangly sort of structure rather than a rigid spiky one, but he has a little scratch on his head now that may be attributed to the incident.


One thought on “Cot

  1. Dot

    P.S. As of Tuesday evening, Hugh can now pull himself up from sitting to standing using the cot bars without any parental help.

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