Dot writes: for this game you need a buggy, one or both parents, and a simple sun-hat of the kind ordinarily sold in Mothercare or other clothing shops. You need to be old enough to use your hands but not old enough to be expected to use your legs.

The game starts when your parent or parents place the hat on your head and push you out of the door. You then remove the hat and, at a strategic moment, drop it on the ground. Five points if the parents pass the hat and have to turn back to pick it up. Bonus points for style if: you drop the hat exactly in front of you, and the buggy and the parent pushing pass over the top of it; you give them warning by holding the hat out to one side but then don’t drop it until they are temporarily distracted by a pedestrian crossing or other frivolous adult interest; the hat lodges in a bush. No bonus point if the parent catches the hat or succeeds in retrieving it in one flowing motion without slowing the buggy. When the walk ends or you fall asleep, you win. (Q: how does the parent win? A: The baby always wins.)

Happy playing!


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