Sad story

Dot writes: I’m reading Allan Quatermain by Rider Haggard. It’s a story that opens tragically, with Quatermain burying his only son; famously, Haggard’s own son, to whom the book was dedicated, died four years after its publication. But our particular copy hints at another, smaller sad story about parents and children. It’s inscribed ‘To Robert, Christmas 1994, from Mum and Dad’. It’s a Wordsworth Classic, that is, an ultra-cheap edition. And it was sold on second-hand for 50p. So Robert didn’t even keep it.


One thought on “Sad story

  1. katimum

    Some weird people can get rid of books once or even before they have read them. I have a colleague who boasts that she has very few books in the house (this was prompted by a messy divorce); she borrows or buys, preferably second hand, reads and then passes them on or resells them. I want to know how she manages when she wants to check up on something she read years ago in the middle of the night miles from a bookshop or library?

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