Aargh [updated]

Dot writes: our broadband is playing up and it’s very annoying. When we moved to this flat we planned to carry over our Eircom phone line and broadband service, despite the fact it is a transparent rip-off, and despite the fact we couldn’t keep the same number because we were moving between telephone zones, even though the new flat is only a hundred yards from the old one and in the same complex. However, our phone plans were stymied when we couldn’t find a phone jack. We looked behind the sofa and everything. So we revived our old Irish Broadband account, which uses a little plug-in modem that receives radio waves (I think). It is rubbish. Half the time it doesn’t work. After a couple of days of not being connected at all we got a new modem, but with the new modem it is still horribly intermittent. We are terrible internet addicts these days. I’ve just rung up and complained again, and it is on right now, but for how long? Oddly, Ken found the phone jack the other day: it’s in the hall cupboard. (Why would you want your phone in the hall cupboard?) We may therefore have an escape route; but, in the meantime, aargh!

Turning to a different and more heart-tugging type of aargh, little Prawn has some sort of bug. He has been off his food for some days – a momentous thing in Prawn-world – and yesterday the childminder pointed out he was very hoarse (we were suitably ashamed at not having noticed ourselves). By last night he couldn’t make his favourite ear-splitting screech; instead it came out as a tiny little squeak. He is not constantly miserable, but very fretful. I made him some extra-yummy chicken, apple and sweet potato babyfood this morning and was gratified that he ate about three tablespoonsful of it for lunch, but then he descended into croaky crying and had to be breastfed. He’s had so few solids over recent days his poo has gone all runny again. Poor little Prawn. Poor us…

Update on Sunday morning: Hugh now has mild diarrhoea. We are trying to make sure he stays hydrated and eats starchy things. Ken just succeeded in getting him to eat his breakfast cereal. Poor little thing…still, while he is scarcely his normal happy self he is still quite physically active (currently playing on the floor with the box the new modem came in). We’ll see how it goes but I should probably take him to the doctor tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Aargh [updated]

  1. Barbara

    Make sure little Hugh has not got croup it has a distinct type of cough – rather like a metalic sound. It would be good to check it out if it continues.

  2. Dot

    I’ll listen carefully next time he coughs, but I don’t think it sounds metallic. Coughing isn’t a big feature of whatever it is he’s got.

  3. katimum

    Is D&V catchable down the ‘Phone? From a very droopy Grandma, profoundly glad she did not try to drive to Barrow in Furness today.

  4. Dot

    Poor Grandma! Hugh was still not very well yesterday but seems rather better today. He has a doctor’s appointment at 9.30, for which I am going to delay going to work, so of course the very thought of it has banished the bug:-) He is still being a bit awkward about his breakfast, though.

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