Ken writes: I’m supposed to be writing a monograph for this post-doctoral position I’ve got, but I feel like I’ve got absolutely nowhere on it the whole summer. I set myself the very modest goal of writing a book proposal and a couple of sample chapters this summer (so that I could hawk it to potential publishers in September, and hopefully have a contract for it in time for when I apply for new jobs after my post-doc runs out). Well, I just can’t get it to together. I’ve had a number of distractions that can partially explain this (looking after Hugh is one, some visits from others and visits to others also), but I can’t help thinking the problem is more basic: I just can’t think straight anymore.


3 thoughts on “Wall

  1. katimum

    Personally, I’ve always preferred to think in wiggly lines, but probably not such a good idea for a philosopher – and it also confuses N who has never quite got the hang of it.

    Good luck with THE IDEA.

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