Beware the Prawn

Dot writes: Hugh is getting a lot more mobile and enjoys exploring his surroundings. Our flat affords him many exciting opportunities to play and investigate. For example, the VHS and DVD players.

And my handbag.

And the bookcases. (The book he has gone for is an Illustrated London News anthology entitled The Great Archaeologists. Is this an omen?)

And, since in the last two weeks he has learned to pull up from sitting to standing, he’s no longer restricted to the bottom shelf. You may be relieved to know that Ken has screwed this bookcase to the wall.

For rather less hazardous standing practice we try to point Hugh in the opposite direction, towards the sofa on the other side of the room. However, he tends to turn himself around again.

And here he is just looking cute and mischievous (with his climbing frame/milkbar in the background) – but there are signs that in a minute he’ll be off.


6 thoughts on “Beware the Prawn

  1. Dot

    He IS a little rascal! Mum says we should get him a playpen, and she’s right. And I think ‘the Squirrel’ is rather good.

    It’s funny how much he has progressed in the last two weeks, when he has been off his food and then definitely a bit ill for the whole of that time. But he has learnt to pull up to standing, and now he has also evolved an odd sort of semi-crawl adapted to our slippery wooden floor.

  2. A cool and terrifying look into the future! I’m going to have to do a serious sweep of the house to make sure all dangerous things are removed for when Clem starts doing this stuff.

  3. I think it was BabyGadget that they reviewed knee pads that you can get for little ‘uns so that they have a bit more traction on wood and laminate flooring

  4. Dot

    The knee pads sound a good idea, but I bet he’d manage to take them off…

    I’ve wanted to comment on your blog, Sunbug, but I’ve lost my password to it again:-( Thanks for posting the picture with Hugh in it and for linking to us. It’s a funny picture – Amelia looks most formidable and pugnacious!

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