Cill Iníon Léinin

Ken writes: I don’t think we’ve mentioned yet that the other day (10.08.2008), after visiting friends, as we were walking down Marino Avenue West we stumbled across the ruins of the original monastic site that gives Killiney its name: Cill Inion Leinin (Church of the daughter of Leinin – I think). It was odd, since we’d walked that way a few times before, but never noticed it. More unusually, we had a camera handy. So here are some pictures.

One thought on “Cill Iníon Léinin

  1. katimum

    What had you done to Hugh to make him look so fiercely disapproving? He has the expression of a cat required to remove himself from the Welsh Dresser shelf. (Tybalt has recently adopted it as his new ‘nest’ despite vigorous opposion from those who prefer less cat hair in their fruit basket and toaster.)

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