Dot writes: people who haven’t seen Hugh for a few weeks tend to say ‘gosh, hasn’t he got tall!’ Seeing him every day, and never having had much luck in bringing a wriggly child together with a tape-measure, my sense of his growth is fuzzier. But on Monday I went and had him fitted at Clark’s with his first proper shoes (specially designed for babies who have started to ‘cruise’ on the furniture). They are size 4G and look surprisingly large. So now we have a point of comparison.

The picture below shows all the sizes of shoes Hugh has had so far, plus one of mine for scale. L to R: Mothercare ‘up to six months’ (bought in March); Mothercare ‘up to 9 months’ (can’t remember when we got them); size 12-18 months, bought for Hugh by Ken when we were in Leeds at the start of July and an excellent fit at that time; Clark’s size 4G; my comfy mum-shoe, a generous adult size 5.

As a bonus piece of Prawny-cuteness, here he is on Sunday in Greystones, deciding that Daddy’s scone looked more appetizing than his ricecake.


2 thoughts on “Bigfoot

  1. Oooh. And before you know it, he’ll be nicking your shoes.
    But seriously – why is it so hard to find shoes that nice for grown-ups? Children today are spoiled, and have no idea how lucky they are.
    I’m delighted to see Hugh going for the scone. Clearly a man of taste and refinement. Have you been coaching him in fine hostelries around the country?

  2. I’d look at French shoes if I were you, they sell a much wider variety of styles and of colours especially than are generally available on the UK market. I learned it on Dragon’s Den.

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