The ones that may get away

Dot writes: most of my regular blogs seem to have hit pause over the last week or so. Maybe everyone is busy looking for the Higg’s Bosun. (I thought a bosun was something to do with ships, especially tall ships and pirate ships, but I am rather behind the times.) (Ken points out that kind of bosun is spelt boatswain.) I am busy with a very fractious baby who may be going down with a cold. It is dreadful timing because his fond grandparents (maternal) are arriving today to see him. So the world may miss the following insightful posts that I have been thinking about writing and which are now reduced to bullet-points, just in case:

– over-testing in education and its relationship to the Foucauldian power-knowledge thing. It generates more and more data (test-results) but not the power to do anything, as far as I can see. But it reminds schools that the government is in charge.
– suddenly everyone is talking about the benefits of co-sleeping, just when we’ve stopped. This is done on purpose to make me feel guilty.
– I’m reading Slavoj Zizek’s On Violence and quite enjoying it, now I’ve mostly conquered the ironic urge to punch him in the head. He says we should stop shouting about doing something and theorise a bit more. Hmmm, I wonder what his job is?


4 thoughts on “The ones that may get away

  1. Dot,

    I have a friend who lectures in an FE College in Worcester, England who complains about the constant testing, her response is that “you don’t fatten a pig by weighing it.”

    I think Higgs’ thingy is a boson – I went to a lecture on it by the excellent Dr Brian Cox, rock star and theoretical physicist.

  2. I think Patrick O’Brien writes it ‘bosun’ — whether for ease of communication, to represent the dialect or because the phonetic spelling is accepted nowadays, I don’t know. Though obviously Ken is right about the correct spelling.

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