Hugh plays ball

Dot writes: Ken thinks I’m taking over our blog and turning it into a ‘boring baby blog’ (I quote his very words). But I’m not, because our baby is not in the least boring but on the contrary exceptionally interesting. To wit, he can now play ball. Dad and I were playing a game with him in the living room of the Connemara cottage (this was before he noticed the basket full of peat): we would roll or bounce his red ball towards him and he would erratically chuck it back. If it went in completely the wrong direction we would say, ‘Hugh, can you fetch your red ball?’ and point at the ball. And (usually) he would go and get it! It was very exciting. Moreover, today I was sitting under the trees with him in the communal green area of our development, and I succeeded in getting him to give me the leaves he was playing with, by holding out my hand and saying ‘Please may I have the leaf?’ It didn’t work every time but I was quite impressed. He is ten months old.


3 thoughts on “Hugh plays ball

  1. Meri

    I don’t think it’s a boring baby blog! I’m afraid I tend to fast forward to the bits about Prawn, and your trips…

    Of course this may have something to do with my inablilty to understand the ‘Inteligent’ posts.

  2. Dot

    Re: the Gordon comment: Ken was very impressed yesterday when he tried reflecting a spot of light from a mirror for Hugh to chase. Hugh duly scrabbled for the spot of light, but quite quickly he started looking at the mirror as well and seemed to have made the connection between the two. Ken said this was a sign Hugh was more intelligent than a cat.

    Meri: I don’t understand all the intelligent posts either.

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