Photos from Connemara trip

Dot writes: what a boring title for a post. Still, the weather on our trip was beautiful and many of the pictures are consequently attractive, even when they have us in them.

We broke the journey at Clonmacmoise on the way over to Connemara. This picture was taken by Mum (actually, quite a lot of the pictures in this post were taken by Mum); it’s a view from inside the oratory that was built for the pope’s visit.

Arriving at the ‘cottage’.

Mum and Ken went for a walk in the evening to the little beach.

The next day was our only full day in Connemara. It was also Mum’s birthday. For a special treat, we made her climb a 445m hill.

Then we went into Roundstone for a late lunch. This is a view of the little harbour in Roundstone.

We didn’t want to do too much because it’s unfair on Hugh to make him spend hours and hours strapped into his car seat, buggy or baby carrier, so after lunch we went back to the cottage to laze around and, after a jolly hour or so of repeatedly thwarting the small person in his investigations of the open fire and its fuel supplies, Mum, Ken and I took him to the beach. Ken even swam. The water was very cold indeed; thank goodness he has such a luxuriant beard.

Footnote: next time we travel away from home, we really should get a booster seat as a portable high chair for Hugh.

3 thoughts on “Photos from Connemara trip

  1. Dot

    It was gorgeous. Last time I was in Connemara the weather was such that all I saw was a couple of yards of peat on either side of the road, and then a bank of mist…

    It’s a bit sour to say so, but much of Ireland is actually rather disappointing. There has been a lot of graceless and unregulated building, plus many urban areas are full of rubbish, graffiti, dog dirt etc. But there is some extraordinary beauty here as well, especially out west.

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