Roll over Noel Coward

Dot writes: walking to Dalkey on Wednesday with Hugh in the buggy, I was caught in a heavy shower of rain. My jeans were largely soaked, but my upper half was protected by my raincoat, and it made me think of the title for a play. The play will be called ‘The Gortex’. It will be about a dissolute young man who fritters away all his money pointlessly buying camping and hiking equipment. He is shocked to discover that his mother has frittered away all hers buying shoes. A parable for these days of consumerist disillusion, don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “Roll over Noel Coward

  1. A sort of Ray Mears meets Imelda Marcos comedy/drama?

    Why is there consumerist disillusion? Because the money for the consumerism has run out?

    There is a great mood of despondency and I’m not sure why. We are as wealthy as we were a couple of years ago (I see no decline in the number of Mercedes Benz going down Church Road!)

  2. Helen Conrad O'Briain

    Small boys and lecturers go out in the pouring rain
    Though circumstance demand it, we cannot understand it
    In gay Paree they have parapluies
    In Munich bumbershoots
    On the Wicklow Way they call it a day
    Even if they have wet suits

  3. Dot

    Very good, Helen!

    Ian, the thing that always gets me is the way economies are expected to go on growing and growing and growing and everyone is incredibly alarmed if they stop or even shrink. Is there never a point when they’re big enough? But I see why the people on the dole queue are depressed.

  4. On a more optimistic note: have you noticed the total absence of stylish yet functional raincoats in Dublin? For love or for money?

    Things are dire if the nearest option in existence is something smacking rather of colonialism like the Barbour or Burberry (and yes, sure, there’s tweed and those woolly things that weigh more than me; and I *have* seen the opera of some contemporary Irish designers *cough* no further comment).

    Comparing to, say, Seattle or Copenhagen or Amsterdam: places where it does rain, but people wear raincoats that are waterproof, and yet that are often also rather attractive and fetching and – even – chic.

    Recession or not, there’s clearly a gap in the market for such things. And indeed work to be done on making those over-trouser things into something gorgeous and desirable. One already sees some lovely wellies around here; surely the time is nigh for full-on rainwear, and for Ireland to claim its rightful place as the world headquarters of waterproof fashion.

    I’ve also always rather liked that wonderful personal bubble featuring in the “Avengers” film. Although used there for transport over water, it could surely be adapted to general use to ward off waters.

  5. Dot

    I didn’t see the Avengers film, but it sounds like a great idea. Could the bubble be made big enough to contain a pushchair?

  6. It looked about right. If it was big enough for a gentleman’s hat, a decent-length stride, and the radiance of R Fiennes Esq. in his prime; then it must be big enough for a push-chair.

  7. P.S. The film was a flop but I rather enjoyed it, and it looked as though the cast were having fun. There also featured: Uma Thurman, Sean Connery, Eddie Izzard, and Jim Broadbent. Recommended – say, for a rainy day when even the idea of sallying forth inside a nice bubble casts a dark cloud over the soul.

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