Dot writes: I’ve decided that Hugh is no longer to be called Prawn. He is now officially Scampi, as he is a little scamp. Actually this morning he is being a right royal pain in the neck: he woke at 3.40am and again at 5.10, consented to stay in bed breastfeeding until about 7 but was then bad-tempered over his breakfast – threw his apple and his beaker repeatedly on the floor, refused porridge, was taken out of his high chair, shouted until I put him back in it, took a little porridge and then batted it away as though I were trying to feed him fuzzy tarantulas, shouted again, was put down again, generally drove me nuts – and since then he has again been in shouty mood, though after a trip to the shops with Ken he seems to have calmed down to talkative. I have to sing in the choir today so I’m leaving him at home when I go to church. I must say I’m rather glad about this.

But he is very cute. So here are some more recent pictures of him being cute. He has started to use his baby walker for walking practice (or, sometimes, as it goes rather fast for him on our slippery floor, frantically shuffling along in a kneeling position practice). Here he is with the walker. The mark on his cheek is not a smut but one of his many bruises. He falls over constantly; but so far the walker has been one of his safer aids to locomotion.

8 thoughts on “Scampi

  1. Helen Conrad O'Briain

    This is – and I am certain I am telling you nothing you don’t know – all just a function of the point he is in his development.
    I suspect when we start struggling with our food it is because we are becoming increasingly self-conscious about our individuality. This is perhaps the best possibility available to us of asserting this growing self-awareness. We want to take control of the most individual and pleasant of those things over which control is possible for our level of physical co-ordination.
    My daughter who had and still has issues with milk – she is mildly lactose intolerant – daily flung bottles and lidded spout mugs across the kitchen. Can’t really blame her …
    But I sang in the local church choir too – until she was well out of the ‘terrible twos.’

  2. So that is why you were in the choir… hrm…

    On the food front we’ve started Amelia on a selection of mushes – so far butternut squash and apple (not together) are hits so the first tastes phase seems to be pretty successful.

    On the food struggle for me now its less a case of throwing things across kitchens but avoiding eating them at all ;-D

    Amelia is getting more shouty too I’ve noticed, I’m not sure if its because another tooth is on the way or she’s just experimenting with volume…

  3. Dot

    Hugh has always been quite loud, though he quietens down in unfamiliar places or in company (or alternatively gets maximally loud, if he becomes really upset). But he doesn’t cry that much, or at least gives us quite a long lead-in of protest-noises before resorting to actual crying.

    Congratulations on the mush. Apple and butternut squash seemed to appeal in our case too – also sweet potato and parsnip. But it was a while before he would eat much at a time and there are still meals when I wonder if anything has actually gone in. But he’s chubby and full of beans and hasn’t got scurvy so far.

  4. Amelia seems to be eating a fair amount – she sticks her head out chasing the spoon when I go to put more food on it and is very interested in the bowl. I suppose it is a good sign.

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