Dot writes: there’s an enormous noise outside Trinity – chanting and drumming and shouting and whistling. It’s the students protesting against fees. I went out to watch with the secretaries from the windows by the School office. First there were mounted police, and then a group of students, but there were surprisingly few of them. And then there was a great roar from further up the road, and more of them appeared. And more, and more, and more…they’re still going. It’s rather exciting, actually. Apparently the pensioners protested this morning, against the removal of the non-means-tested medical card, but the students are louder:-)


3 thoughts on “Protest

  1. ken

    Let there be fees! A university education is not for everyone. Since it cannot be universal, paying for it should not be universal, but should be done by just those who benefit from it, namely the students themselves (and possibly their parents).

  2. Fees would inhibit working-class students from pursuing third level education. Having attended the LSE in the days when not only were there no fees, but there were also student grants, I know I would not have had such an opportunity a generation later.

    Even the registration fee is huge when you have nothing.

  3. ken

    Let the fees be means tested based on the parents’ ability to pay. Where the parents are separated, let the means testing take this into account by, say pro-rata-ing the income of the parent the student doesn’t live with.

    People who come from poorer backgrounds can be accommodated by a sensible regime without giving the rest a free ride. Traditionally the middle classes go to university and the working class do not. The mere chance that this may change in the future shouldn’t be used as a reason to give a free education to those who can afford to pay.

    I think a free university education is bad for everyone. It costs the taxpayers most of whom don’t go to university. It means the university is chronically underfunded. It corrupts the students who get it paid for, because they don’t value it and end up wasting their own time as well as other people’s.

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